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Sage Templates

Communicate with your contacts professionally and effectively with Sage templates already loaded into your Swiftpage emarketing account. Your information
is automatically populated into these templates to ensure your contacts can get a hold of you directly.

Sage Summit 2011
zzu_Sage_Sage Summit Save the Date
zzu_Sage_Sage Summit Promote Partner Discount
zzu_Sage_Sage Summit Last Chance to Register
zzz_Sage_Summit Thank You Partner Toolkit

Sage ACT! 2011
zzz_Sage_Sage ACT! 2011 - Sage ACT! 2011 Launch
zzz_Sage_Sage ACT! 2011 - Smart Tasks
zzz_Sage_Sage ACT! 2011 - Microsoft Outlook Synchronization

Sage ACT! 2012
zzz_Sage_Sage ACT! 2012 Sales Email Template

Sage CRM
zzz_Sage_ACT Migration to SageCRM
zzz_Sage_Sage CRM 7.0 Install Base template

zzz_Sage_Sage CRM Prospect template
zzz_Sage_Sage CRM Switch and Save
zzz_Sage_Sage CRM Welcome Back Program

Sage MAS 90 200
zzz_Sage_Sage MAS Extended Enterprise Suite
zzz_Sage_MAS 90 200 Outgrowing Your Accounting Solution
zzz_Sage_MAS 90 200 Securing Financial Data
zzz_Sage_MAS 90 200 Instant Visibility
zzz_Sage_MAS 90 200 Manufacturers Rely On Sage
zzz_Sage_MAS 90 200 Intelligence Launch

Sage MAS 500
zzz_Sage_MAS 500 Brochure
zzz_Sage_Sage MAS Extended Enterprise Suite
zzz_Sage_MAS 500 Intelligence Launch

Sage 50 Canadian Edition
zzz_Sage_Sage 50 CA Welcome 1
zzz_Sage_Sage 50 CA Welcome 2
zzz_Sage_Sage 50 CA Newsletter 1
zzz_Sage_Sage 50 CA Newsletter 2
zzz_Sage_Sage 50 CA Quantum
zzz_Sage_Sage 50 CA Tips 1
zzz_Sage_Sage 50 CA Tips 2

Sage Fixed Assets
zzz_Sage_Sage Fixed Assets Generic
zzz_Sage_Sage Fixed Assets The New Look

Sage Accpac
zzz_Sage_Sage Accpac Extended Enterprise Suite
zzz_Sage_Sage Accpac Intelligence

Sage Timberline Enterprise
zzz_Sage_Introducing Sage Timberline Enterprise
zzz_Sage_STE Roadshow Invite
zzz_Sage_Timberline Enterprise Webcast Invite

Sage Master Builder
zzz_Sage_Master Builder_Job Costing
zzz_Sage_Master Builder Webcast Invite

Sage Fund Accounting
zzz_Sage_MIP Fund Accounting and Sage Abra HRMS
zzz_Sage_MIP Fund Accounting Payroll Module

Sage SalesLogix
zzz_Sage_ACT Migration to SalesLogix
zzz_Sage_Sage SalesLogix Cloud
zzz_Sage_Sage SalesLogix Switch and Save
zzz_Sage_Sage SalesLogix Welcome Back Program

Sage Timberline Office
zzz_Sage_TimberlineOffice Webcast Invite

Sage Construction and Real Estate Solutions
zzz_Sage_CRE Solutions Webcast Invite
zzz_Sage_CRE Estimating Solutions