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"E" On, "E" Off — For our ACT! users using the Snapshot tab, you now have the ability to turn the orange "E" icon in the ACT! toolbar on and off for each one of your users.

So, why would you want to do this? 

We understand that many companies like to have centralized control of their messaging.  And we know that you will achieve a greater response from contacts that receive email from someone they know.  So, we allow the marketing department to create the messaging, the sales manager to send on behalf of his sales team so each sales person's contacts receive messages only from the person they trust.  The salesperson will open their Call List and see who is most interested from that campaign all without having to send the email themselves. 

Send As is a Team only feature — Learn more about Team

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October Thoughtspot

Happy Holi-Mails 

The Super Bowl, World Series, and pinnacle of Marketing (not to mention email marketing) will soon be in full gear. For those of you who don't know, the holiday season is above and beyond the peak time for email and email marketing. This also means that your competition will be running a full court press. In order to get a leg up on these folks, your holiday email strategizing needs to start now or yesterday if possible.

The first step involves your email address lists. Deliverability will need to be at its all time best, to preserve your relationships with your contacts, so be sure to check and re-check your opt-in contacts. The more truly interested and eager contacts you have that really look forward to your content, the more success you Read the rest of the article > 

At the Summit
Missy Bergen, Creative Director

 A brief interview with Swiftpage emarketing 's Creative Director, Missy Bergen  

What's your favorite thing to do out here in Colorado?
Put me in a canoe with a cooler of beer and send me down the river for a few days! I love other summer activities such as backpacking, camping and hiking the trails or up 14ers—with my husband and a camera, of course :) 

Practically everyone has an iPod - do you keep any
CDs in your car?

I have a 1st generation iPod that doesn’t always function right, so I try to keep around six in my car. Right now I have: Keller Williams—Laugh; Beatles—Abbey Road; The Last Waltz Soundtrack; Dave Matthews Band—Before These Crowded Streets; Neil Young—Greatest Hits; Beatles—Love.

What is the most interesting thing you have ever
done that you can tell us about?

Went paragliding in Austria, had to run right off of a cliff. The guide flying with me on my back yodeled!