We've made a change to the notification system for survey responses. 

Due to your feedback we have chosen to turn off all notifications for when your customers submit survey results.

If you would like to be notified of who responded to your surveys and what their responses were, you may choose to have them batched and sent to you every day or choose to have every response sent to you as they occur by changing the preferences in your user profile.

SPF Records: The Key to Email Marketing Success
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We're dedicated to your success and will create an SPF Record for you—Click Here 

Video in Email Doubles Conversion – Case Study
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6 Steps and 6 lessons learned.

Consumers say: Email and Text Us
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What are the most effective forms of follow up—the consumer speaks.

Post Holiday Boom 

The holidays are obviously going to hit and hit hard, but that should not be the end-all in terms of preparation and buckling down.

The first quarter of the year will be an extremely crucial time for retention, because hopefully your holiday campaigns were so successful, that you find yourself inundated with new customers and prospects. And if you are on top of things your holiday emails are either being tee'd up this very moment or have already been chucked down some chimneys, so now is the time to think about what needs to happen after January 1.

You will want to ask yourself, "What is the message that needs to be conveyed after someone has purchased, trialed, or come into contact with our offering?" Email is the perfect way to touch base with tact, and is essentially a touching point, regardless of how your relationship...  Read the rest of the article > 

 An interview with Swiftpage emarketing 's newest recruit, Gene Cruz, Support Specialist Extraordinaire 

What is your most unique family tradition
at Thanksgiving?
My unique family tradition for Thanksgiving is cooking the upside down turkey. To make an upside down turkey, you need to start with cooking the meatier side up. Then, halfway through the cooking, you turn it with the meatier side down. By cooking it this way, you will have all the juices and flavors marinate in the meat.

What is your all time favorite thing to do in the holiday season?
I love to serve and give to other people. I go to the Samaritan House on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day to help serve food to homeless people. It puts life's priorities into perspective for me.

Hands down favorite thing to do in general?
I love to spend time with the family. Between work and school getting to spend time with them is hard. When we are together, we do arts and crafts, watch movies and go for walks.