Modified Features - Swiftpage emarketing for ACT! Team service level users and all Swiftpage emarketing for SalesLogix users, the score retrieval reporting for the “Send As” feature has been modified. In the past if Susan sends as Bob, the scores would need to be downloaded by Bob. This has been changed and the scores can now be downloaded by the user that performs the actual send. Now if Susan sends as Bob, the scores would be downloaded by Susan, not Bob.

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Post on YouTube, make advertising dollars...if you're chosen
—Via TechCrunch

Annual Report says 95% of all
email is SPAM

—Via Barracuda Networks
That's a lot of noise. Think about your message and how it will stand out as legitimate.

Meatball Mondae: Big Ideas
—Via Seth Godin

2008 is going Mobile
—Via David Armano




Swiftpage emarketing Team Picture

Top 5 Ways to Spice Up
How You Swiftpage emarketing

Just like any other product out there, there are a few little tricks you wish you knew how to utilize for a service you already pay for. With Swiftpage emarketing , there are several gems that often get overlooked but we want to share a few to get you started:

1) Fatten up your email lists through your website
By using a short survey like the one below, on your website, you will proactively and almost hands-free, constantly grow your email list. The data submitted is sent right to you and most importantly will be a legitimate and opted-in contact. Be sure though to have a very enticing reward, like a newsletter or gift, for filling out the survey. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to build a highly interested email base with this simple survey placement. *If you are an ACT! user, the List Builder feature can automatically populate new contacts for Pro and Team accounts.

2) Send Shakespeare from Ryan Seacrest
Use the writing and artistic prowess of your marketing squad to create a top notch email that appears as if it were coming from someone else. That someone else could be your CEO, CFO, or any one of your top sales people. You decide Read Entire Article >> 

A Black Christmas Party 

On December 3rd, Swiftpage emarketing Crew from around the states made the trip out to our head office in Denver for a grand reunion and our black Christmas party. Black attire for all as it is the most slimming for post-Thanksgiving bellies.  

Employees, friends, family and investors gathered for a night of celebration and reflection on the year past.
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