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Make sure your list is clean
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2008 Laundry List of
Email Improvement

The New Year brings on the a much needed opportunity for improvement with email. These next few paragraphs will challenge your current email habits and the tail end of this article will include all of the proper tools, links, and articles found throughout the web to get you started.  I would recommend focusing on one or two areas that you would like to improve upon and delve deep into each one, before moving on to the next. Make note of your changes and over time you will see your email success grow - adding more strength and resilience to your marketing arsenal.

Every email campaign will start with the content and creative strategy for delivering the best overall message to your targets. Think back on 2007 and ask yourself if you truly used the best subject lines, the most intriguing images, the most useful links, the most affective tone, and the best graphic, creative talents. The beauty of email is that you can literally test every aspect and the effectiveness of each minute component.  

An Interview with the new Queen of Customer Service, Stephanie Schaef 

First and foremost, being a Division 1 soccer player at the Univeristy of Florida, what disciplines and practices are you bringing with you from the top tier world of athletics into the business realm? 

Work ethic, definitely and the concept of teamwork. Competing in college athletics taught me perseverance, discipline, and the power of a positive attitude.

Being buddies with the Chicago Bear's Rex Grossman, your husband Steve must be a top notch stud to win you over? 

Not sure what Rex has to do with this, but Steve is Superman.  Right now he is working in commercial real estate and investments and also going to school to get his masters in finance at the University of Denver. We immediately hit it off, like the fairy tale type of stuff, and it has been amazing ever since. He is my best friend and greatest companion.

What is one of the craziest things that has ever happened to you? We know there are a ton. 

When I was hiking in Alaska, I decided to free climb a rock wall that was just off the trail. I got up too high and could not back-climb my way down, so I tried to climb up and over this rock wall and my hold gave way sending me sailing 30 feet to the ground. Miraculously I was not injured.