We have been developing hard to not only enhance our current integrations and offering but to build new technology. A few big things are coming out in the next few months so be on the lookout for email from Swiftpage emarketing —you won’t want to miss it.

New Feature:
We have added a new Report called "Submitted" in the Open-Click online reports. This report gives you a list of all of the contacts that you submitted to an email campaign.  You can also email yourself the list in a .csv format.

Email Therapists 

According to a recent article on BBC News, the process of checking inboxes and sifting through SPAM is actually causing people stress, forcing them to take sick days. These people get so worked up over the fact that they are spending half of their time sorting out fact from fiction, that they have to physically leave the office to recover.

This is clearly a little extreme. Knowing that Spam is a major issue, ask yourself what your current email practices look like and if you may need a little touch up yourself. Ask yourself what the status is of your... Read the rest of the article here >>  

An Interview with Kassi Johnson 

Best Achievement to Date:
I was 2005 Miss Congeniality for Auburn CA. It was very rewarding to be a role model for others.

Dream Car: Bright Pink 64 ½ Mustang 

Where You Would live if you Could live Anywhere: I’ve never been there but I think Greece would be amazing.  

Something you can’t say yes to: Sushi 

Who’s your Role Model: My mother, she has raised such an incredible family. 

Foreign Languages: I’m fluent in American Sign Language. 

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