We have received an excellent response to Drip Marketing. In order to provide an even greater service, we need some help from you – we want to learn what sales and marketing plans/events you would like to have automated. Upon your response, we’ll do our best to build campaigns that fit your specific needs and take out the manual processes from your initiatives.
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An interesting tale of two photos from Robert Scoble of FastCompany.tv and Scobelizer.com

Drip Marketing: Slow and steady wins the customers
- via Inside CRM

You know Malcolm Gladwell, you Know TED - Malcom at TED, old video, but a goodie

Drip Marketing: Why Automate? A Tale of Two Campaigns 

You’ve taken the time to design a multi-step marketing plan targeting your new leads, to inform them about your business and pitch them on your services. You can execute your campaign the easy way or the hard way… both deliver messages to your new leads, but what might suffer as result of using the hard way?

Campaign A: The Hard Way
(Manual Marketing)
For everyone that signs up for “more information” on your website you want to send 2 emails and a postcard to those that did not open the emails. You also want to have your sales staff place a closing call over the course of the next 45 days. This is your process: 

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An Interview with Ian Doescher 

Swiftpage emarketing Position:
Customer Service and Product Support Specialist

Your favorite thing about swiftpage: The people who work here, definitely

What do you do in your spare time: I'm a father of two, a Ph.D. student in Theology and Ethics, and a singer/songwriter.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be: Paris (naturellement)

What's something you can't say no to: A three-year-old who says, "Please".

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