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What's Buzzing

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Hello All!

In this month of love we’ll be focusing on the template editing options we love at Swiftpage emarketing . One of the most valuable benefits of the Swiftpage emarketing service is that it brings email creation capabilities to users that are not trained in HTML coding. For our non-HTML-speaking users, our Basic editor brings the power of professional email template creation without the stress and hassle of learning HTML. In the spirit of loving our Basic Editor, we’ve creating The Complete Guide to Email Marketing Using the Basic Template Editor (coming soon). For now, I’ve included a sneak peak of some of the best Basic Editor shortcuts in the article below. To become a true Email Marketing pro check out our current blog series of Email Marketing Terms - with more to come!

Now let’s get building!

Lindsey Weinig
Director of Marketing

Shortcuts to Loving Your Basic Template

Here are a few quick tips for building your template in the Swiftpage emarketing Basic Editor to wow your recipients.

I Pick You

Selecting the right Basic template from the Global Library is the first step to success. The main design attributes to pay attention to when selecting your template are the background color shown behind the template and border shown around the template. These attributes cannot be changed within the Basic Editor and therefore you will need to decide what your preferences are before you begin editing. Be sure to select a template that reflects your background color and border preferences.

Continue reading the article >



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Top 3 Support FAQs

1Why can't I connect to the Swiftpage emarketing server?

1How can I create an HTML template to use in the Advanced Editor?

1How do I use the List Manager?

Learn more at our E-marketing Education Center >


Featured TemplateBright Peak Logo

Featured Template

Audrey Howes and Bright Peak did an outstanding work in creating my e-newsletter template. They listened to me, asked me good questions and delivered on time – I couldn’t ask for more! Thank you!!

- Gretchen Ditto, Ditto&Co

Live Demos

Swiftpage emarketing News

Global E-marketing

At the beginning of February our CEO, Bob Ogdon, traveled to South Africa for the Softline Accpac Insights Conference 2011. There he demonstrated how smoothly Sage E-marketing works with Sage ERP Accpac and the many features available with that product.

Next week our VP of Marketing, Dan Ogdon, will be in London for the largest multi-channel marketing, media and advertising event in the UK, the Technology for Marketing and Advertising (TFM&A). At this event, Sage CRM will be releasing Sage CRM v7.1 with Sage E-marketing for Sage CRM (powered by Swiftpage emarketing ). Dan will be speaking on our Sage E-marketing products and assisting with this exciting new release. This conference is free, so if you're in the area, don't miss it!



At the Summit:
What Are the First 3 Things You Do On A Typical Workday?

Bob Ogdon:
#1 - Early morning thinking (self brain storming)
#2 - Email
#3 - Listen to what others are thinking about and doing
(He also adds: A nap is required later in the day).

Tish Dunn:
#1 - Check lottery results
#2 - Check messages to find out if any relatives died and left me money
#3 - Head into work if #1 and #2 don't pan out

Annie Cooley:
#1 - Coffee
#2 - Email
#3 - Google Reader

Becky Kallin:
#1 - Turn the computer on and log in
#2 - Check my email
#3 - Answer chats or phone calls

Chris Taylor:
#1 - Hit the snooze button
#2 - Hit the snooze button again
#3 - Read emails from iPhone while laying in bed


Get Delivered - Make Your Subject Line Work For You

Spam filters can be triggered to quarantine or reject an email message completely after identifying specific words in the subject line. Your subject line should be a strong representation of the information contained within the email.

Here are a few things to avoid:

  • Special characters like a percent sign or exclamation point
  • All capital letters
  • Excessive use of punctuation

Remember to capture the attention of the recipient, not the spam filter.

View Swiftpage emarketing 's Deliverability Resource Center >

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