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Announcing Branded Templates by Bright Peak

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What's Buzzing

The Importance of Branding Your New Business
via AllBusiness.com

Recognize these? The ABCs of Branding

An Intelligent Way to Clean Your Opt-In List
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Hello All!

This month we are focusing on the importance of maintaining a brand identity for your business. People subconsciously notice and give priority to things they recognize. Familiarity is magnetic. This is the true power of effective branding. Most small businesses will never become brand giants like Coca-Cola®, Nike, or Apple®. However, you can get a leg up on your competition with thoughtful and consistent branding. On that note, we are excited to announce the release of Branded Email Templates from our creative division, Bright Peak! Select one of the 15 email template layouts and Bright Peak will brand it to match your company website for a small fee. It’s so fast, easy and affordable, we’re sure you’re going to love it!

Now let’s get (and keep) branding!

Lindsey Weinig
Director of Marketing

Strengthen Your Message with Branding

Businesses can greatly increase new and repeat sales by becoming recognizable to their audiences with thoughtful and consistent branding. Take these marketing strategies into consideration when communicating to your audience to strengthen your message and your impact.

What is a brand?

Your company name, logo, slogan, colors and fonts are the strongest gauge of your brand. Your products, employees, industry, competitors, and affiliations also mold your company brand. All of these represent your company and therefore your brand. While these traits are more manageable, there are five key strategies you should employ...

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Blog: E-marketing Terms

All the Deliverability Terms You Need to Know

Email Marketing Campaign Terms 1

Email Marketing Campaign Terms 2


Top 3 Support FAQs

1Why do my images not show up in my Swiftpage emarketing email?

1How do I delete Swiftpage emarketing Parms within ACT?

1Can I embed a Swiftpage emarketing survey on my own site?

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Featured TemplateBright Peak Logo

Announcing Branded Templates by Bright Peak

Bright Peak is pleased to announce Branded Templates! You simply select a layout from our 15 different options and we customize it to look similar to your website including fonts, colors, links, and imagery. Branded templates provide a streamlined experience for your audience as they click from your email to your website, creating branding consistency for your company.

Learn more and order today!

Live Demos

Swiftpage emarketing News

SXSW Interactive Conference

Bob (CEO), Dan (VP, Marketing) and Mike Ogdon (VP, Biz Dev) attended the South by Southwest Interactive conference in Austin, TX this month to meet with existing and potential new partners for Swiftpage emarketing .

Since the show has high attendance from individuals looking for new business inspiration and others looking for funding, many of the sessions were hosted by seasoned entrepreneurs motivating small companies to stick with it. Media mogul and keynote speaker Barry Diller summed it up well for the technology industry with his message that there are few true leaders in the interactive space which creates a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to start new companies and become a leader overnight. Check out SXSW >


At the Summit

Guess the Logo

Some of us here at Swiftpage emarketing took a branding quiz to see how well we could recognize common everyday logos. Take it yourself and see what you get: GuessTheLogo.com

How many we got correct:
60% - 5 or more
40% - 4 or less

Our newest support team member, Taylor Benner, got all ten correct in 57 seconds. When asked for a comment, he replied: "I'm on the internet a lot, even by today's standards."

Bright Peak's Audrey Howes stated: "So, I fail at web logos but on the Car logos I got all but two correct and finished in 1:27."

Our team's average: 2:01

Take it yourself and see how you do >


Get Delivered - Does Your Email Look Like Spam?

Before sending out your emails, send them through the free Swiftpage emarketing Spam Check. The Spam Check will read and scan your email message just as a spam filter would. It will evaluate your message and send back a score based on the possible spam infractions along with descriptions of each. The Spam Check classifies your emails into these four categories: safe, questionable, high risk, and spammy. View example >

How to use Swiftpage emarketing Spam Check:

The Spam Check does not guarantee delivery but rather works to help your email avoid general triggers for spam filters. Questions about the Swiftpage emarketing Spam Check? Email us at SpamCheckQuestions@swiftpage.com.

View Swiftpage emarketing 's Deliverability Resource Center >

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