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Happy Spring!

Our customers often ask, ‘How do I grow my email subscriber list?' Lead acquisition can be an overwhelming hurdle when growing your business, but Swiftpage emarketing ’s Surveys and Web Forms help you gather lead information efficiently. Our strategic article this month focuses on how to quickly and effectively develop your contact list. Read on to learn the Fast Track to List Growth, Do’s and Don’ts of Email List Building, as well as valuable Deliverability Tips when growing your list.

Our creative team, Bright Peak, is offering a 20% promotional discount to brighten up the emails for your ever-growing list on all email template projects started by May 31st, 2011!

Get your email marketing summer-ready today!

Lindsey Weinig
Director of Marketing

Fast Track to List Growth

Growing a contact list is a significant and necessary goal for any business’ marketing strategy. Swiftpage emarketing ’s Surveys and Web Forms are a highly valuable tool to collect new contacts and streamline contact management.

How to Plant the Seed

Use the Swiftpage emarketing Survey tool to create a web form that can easily be embedded on your website. Don’t overwhelm potential contacts with too many questions on your form. Start by simply asking for their email address. You can always follow up with them later to learn more. Since Swiftpage emarketing offers...

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Social Sharing E-marketing

Why Email Marketing Will Remain
On Top

Creating a Customer Service Strategy


Top 3 Support FAQs

1 How can I cancel an email blast that has been scheduled to go out in the future?

1 How do I hyperlink text in my message?

1 How do I use the list manager?

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Swiftpage emarketing News

Happy Birthday to Swiftpage emarketing ’s CEO, Bob Ogdon!

Sage E-marketing

We are excited to announce our newest addition to the Sage E-marketing family! Sage E-marketing brings the power of email marketing to a new set of Sage Software products including Peachtree Accounting, Non-Profit Solutions, Simply Accounting and Construction and Real Estate.

Start a 60 day free trial today to see just how compatible Sage E-marketing is with your existing software!

Welcome Swiftpage emarketing Interns

We are excited to welcome our newest batch of summer interns! Our Sales, Support, Marketing and Quality Assurance teams are now more productive than ever with new interns hard at work. We can't wait to see the positive impact these fresh contributors will have on innovating our business.


At the Summit

What is the best birthday gift or surprise you've ever received?

"A 2-hour flight lesson." - Michael B

"Nuggets vs Cavaliers basketball tickets, LeBron James is my favorite player." - Michael S

"A sister. At the time I didn't think it was a great gift, now I can't think of my life without her." - Audrey H

"Luggage for my 18th birthday... I took the hint! But being serious, my dad sends me flowers every year." - Kassi J

"Best birthday gift - I found out I was pregnant on my 26th birthday."
- Jesse M

"6 Years old. Hungry Hungry Hippos. Still the world's greatest game."
- Dan O

"My Aunt arranged for me to have the day off work and surprised me with a night at a beautiful Bed and Breakfast with my favorite cousin." - Becky K

"Las Vegas!" - Amber F


Get Delivered - List Building Tactics to AVOID

Email Marketing is a permission-based service. All recipients of your emails must have consented to receiving emails from you directly. Here are a few tactics to avoid when trying to grow your list.

DO NOT send emails to a purchased list, even if it’s called ‘opt-in’. You can communicate with purchased lists via telephone or direct mail only until you have obtained permission from them to send email.

DO NOT pull email addresses from websites. You must receive permission from your recipients directly in order to email them.

DO NOT wait months to email your new contacts after they give you their email address. They are likely to have forgotten they gave you permission and may mark your email as spam.

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