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Finally, summer is here!

As summer vacations quickly approach, now is a great time to Perk Up Your Email Marketing with a Summer Promotion. This month we've given you some tips for how to adjust your email marketing tactics for these sunny months.

If there’s no time for a promotional email campaign, simply connect with your contacts using one of our new summer templates from Bright Peak! These templates are perfect for coordinating your golf outing, wishing your clients a Happy 4th of July, or planning your summer event, and they start at just $50 each!

Time to spice up your email marketing!

Lindsey Weinig
Director of Marketing

6 Tips to Perk Up Your Summer Promotion

Summer may create a void in your marketing efforts, but you don’t have to fall into this trap. Your recipients may be spending less time at their computers throughout the summer months, but that doesn’t mean you should give up and take the summer off. Simply alter your email practices and entice them with a great seasonal promotion to shake things up this summer.

1. Grab their Attention Immediately
Summer provides a lot of distractions, so you need to grab your recipient’s attention quickly. Include your promotional offer in your subject line, use impactful headlines within your template, and make your call to action clear and to the point. Also use summer...

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A Cure for the Summertime Marketing Blues - Guest Blog

The Practice of Building Relationships

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Top 3 Support FAQs

1How do I create a Plain Text email?

1How do I change my default browser?

1Why does my email look different in some of my recipients' inboxes?

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Summer Holiday Templates Available!Summer Templates

Summer is here, how do you plan to reach out to your customers during the summer season? Bright Peak has made it easy for you by creating beautiful summer emails that can be personalized with your message and company branding for only $50!

Visit BrightPeak.com/holiday to see all the designs and make your selections today!

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. Our interns will be reporting back on presentations given by Swiftpage emarketing department heads regarding what makes Swiftpage emarketing innovative and efficient.


At the Summit

What are some of your favorite summer activities?

"Fishing in the Poudre River." - Tim M

"Hiking on the mountain trails around my house with my dog Tony, looking for black bears." - Bob O

"Dirt biking & hitting the pool!" - Jess H

"Anything involving Blue Moon or Sunshine Wheat beer!" - Tish D

"Going to shows at Red Rocks. Great music, great weather, and great scenery. Can't go wrong." - Taylor F

"Enjoying cold beverages al fresco."
- Kelly C

"Hiking and going to concerts." - Tom R

"Fishing from my kayak and golf."
- Michael B

"Hiking, it's so rewarding when you get to the top." - Kassi J


Get Delivered - Monitor Your "From" Email Inbox

No one likes to do this, especially for big sends and especially in the summer when the auto replies will be at an all time high, but keeping up with the replies to your email blast is important for your relationship with your contacts. Not only can you manage actual replies to your send (including possible orders), but you can manually unsubscribe people who respond to your emails requesting to do so. Honoring these requests will prevent people from marking your next message as spam and hurting your reputation.

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