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Hello All! Happy New Year!

I have to admit, I’m a big fan of resolutions. I see great value in identifying flaws in ourselves and pledging to improve. As you can see from Swiftpage emarketing Thoughtspot archives, we’ve had a hard time getting our newsletter sent out each month. Not for lack of trying, or understanding the importance of keeping in touch with our contacts, but as many of you can relate, we just ran out of time or resources and the newsletter fell by the wayside. This is no time for excuses; it’s a new year, a fresh start. Therefore we want to take this opportunity to work towards better marketing practices in 2011. We’ve come up with a plan for improving in the upcoming year that we’d like to share with you, so we can all become better e-marketers, one monthly newsletter, promotional campaign, or event invitation at a time.

Here’s to starting the year off right!

Lindsey Weinig
Sr. Marketing Manager

7 Steps to Newsletter Success

Strengthen your customer retention and conversion rates through the use of E-newsletters. Get started today with these strategic tips for a year of e-marketing success.

1. Scheduling Shmeduling

First, consider your audience and their schedule. Based off of the information you know about them, you can determine the dates to avoid, including national holidays, common vacation times and industry-related events. When your contacts are out of the office and their inbox gets packed full, the likelihood of them opening your email is greatly decreased. For example, if you are sending to government employees... continue reading >



21 Reasons Why I Will Delete Your Email in 3 Seconds - Part 1 and Part 2

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Copywriting Tips for Email Marketing

Direct Mail Benefits and Practices Recently Released Whitepaper


Top 3 Support FAQs

1How many PDFs can I have in a template?

1Why do my images lose their quality and how do I fix that?

1What is a bounce?

Learn more at our E-marketing Education Center >


Featured TemplateBright Peak Logo

Featured Template

Nine Limes client, ETA, wanted an email newsletter template that offered flexibility, ease of use, and great design. Nine Limes turned to Bright Peak to create a template that met all of their criteria and more. Both Nine Limes and ETA were thrilled with the result and will be coming back to Bright Peak for more.

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Swiftpage emarketing News

A Full Year

The past year brought Swiftpage emarketing customers many improvements. The largest was the launch of Swiftpage emarketing Connect including the new List Manager, Template Manager, Advanced Template Editor, and hosted Drip Marketing. We are happy to report that 44 million emails were sent through Swiftpage emarketing in December alone!
Swiftpage emarketing is not slowing down in 2011; we have a lot up our sleeves. You will see innovations to existing features as well as releasing brand new services and features. Stay tuned for another big year of developments from Swiftpage emarketing ! 

Longer Support Hours

We are pleased to announce we have extended our Customer Support hours. We can now be reached via email, chat and telephone between the hours of 5:00am and 8:00pm EST. Swiftpage emarketing Support >


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Get Delivered

Stay in touch with your customers - Don’t let the data in your database get stale. If you allow years to pass between your correspondences, your contacts may have changed employment or the businesses may have closed. It is also more likely you generate a spam complaint if your contact forgets that they ever opted in to your company.

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