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Swiftpage Thoughtspot | July 2012
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Article: 4 Strategies to Win Email Delivery Gold
Swiftpage News and Email Design Inspiration
Infographic: Customer Satisfaction Survey Results
Bright Peak Tip: Customizing Email Campaigns with Olympic Themes
Timely Topics:
- Back to School
- 2012 Summer Olympics
- National Coupon Month
- Labor Day (US)
- Rosh Hashanah
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4 Strategies to Win Email
Delivery Gold

Much like Olympic athletes, as marketers we need to constantly be on the lookout for winning e-marketing strategies. Recently one of the world's biggest spammers, Grum, was shut down. PC World reports worldwide spam was cut in half by the elimination of this spammer (source). While we can all rejoice at the thought of less spam in our inboxes, it should also remind us we need to remain on our toes to ensure our emails are not inadvertently classified as spam

Get an edge up on your competition by adding these inbox targeting strategies to your playbook:

1. Clear the Spam Hurdles
Spam triggers are constantly changing and simply using one of the words above does not guarantee your email will have a quick trip to the junk bin. However, it remains important to be mindful of your word usage and run a Spam check before every send to be sure your score is low.
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Swiftpage emarketingAs part of our recent remodel, your Swiftpage Service is now located at SwiftpageConnect.com. Stop by, check it out and update your bookmarks.

Email Design Inspirations

Need a little help finding inspiration for your next email campaign? Check out some of our recent posts on the blog about email design. You'll see some awesome examples and some in need of a little work. View them now >


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Bright Peak

Plympic ThemeBright Peak Tip: Customizing Email Campaigns with Olympic Themes

First, I recommend reading the blog post The Olympics, piggybacking and how to make the most of it by the DMA Email marketing Council. This post gives a fantastic synopsis of the “do’s and don’ts” for implementing Olympic themes into your email campaigns.

Read on for some Olympic themed resources that can help add some seasonal flair to your next email...

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