ACT! E-marketing
Powered by Swiftpage emarketing


Reach Your ContactsReach Your Contacts

Connect with the contacts that mean the most. Easily create and send emails using our smart features and trust your messages are delivered with Swiftpage emarketing .

Grow Your DatabaseGrow Your Database

Obtain quality leads from your website or link from an email to gather more information from your current ocntacts with Swiftpage emarketing 's Survey Tool.

Automate Your BusinessAutomate Your Business

Plan and execute intelligent marketing campiagns automatically. Not only is it smart, it's effortless.

Qualify Your ContactsQualify Your Contacts

Let us rank your contacts so you know who to follow up with first. Also, get the most fro your emails with dedicated, graphical reports.

ACT! E-marketing powered by Swiftpage emarketing

Communicate with your contacts directly, map survey responses back to ACT! fields, and utilize the features of the Marketing Results Tab, all within your ACT! 2010 database. Access ACT! E-marketing within ACT! 2010 as seen below.