10 Tips for Creating, Maintaining & Growing Your Email List


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10 Tips for Creating, Maintaining & Growing Your Email List

by Ben Koenig

The foundation for great email marketing campaigns begins with the list. Consequently, the methods you use to create, grow, and maintain your list will have a significant effect on the overall performance of your email marketing initiatives. Today we’ll help guide you through the process of developing and nurturing your list.

Should I buy a list?

Well, no. You shouldn’t. People are often tempted to purchase a list because it’s less time consuming and gives the expectation of instant gratification. Purchased lists have some considerable disadvantages:

We highly recommend that you create your own list. To aid in your list creations, here are 10 tips that will help you create, grow, and maintain a large list of relevant email addresses.

Getting Started

1. Current Customers and Prospective Customers

2. Subscription (opt-in) form

3. Offline Sources

Growing Your List

4. Offer an Incentive to Sign Up

5. Provide beneficial content
64% of US and UK internet users want marketers to demonstrate knowledge of the types of products or services they like in email marketing messages." e-Dialog ‘Manifesto for E-mail Marketers: Consumer Demand Relevance’

6. Encourage subscribers to forward your emails

7. Use social media to encourage sign-ups

8. Create a newsletter archive page

Maintaining your List

9. Prune the bounces

10. Initiate a re-engagement campaign

Your list is the heart of your email marketing campaign and it should be treated as such. Create, grow, and maintain a successful and sustainable list by implementing the proper techniques to ensure your list is based off of trust and creates real value for your business.