Article: 10 Ways to Avoid Spam Filtering


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10 Ways To Avoid Spam Filtering

by Dan Ogdon

You won’t see the ROI you are looking for if your email never makes it to your recipients' inbox. Ten tips to increase your email marketing deliverability.

By the end of the evening, I had no idea what we just talked about
If your subject line has nothing to do with the content in the body of your email, you have a higher likelihood of being junked. Make sure your content is consistent throughout.

Holy @#!$
Don’t use special characters in your subject line. They are a sure way to be thrown in the junk folder as they are an immediate flag to Spam filters

What’s the latest buzz word
Spam filters are triggered on specific keywords that include certain prescription drugs, stock quotes and other financially focused verbiage. Use more neutral language in your subject lines.

No one noticed that Alyssa missed the party
Is your content consistently interesting or even missed? If you provide content to your contacts that is relevant and valuable to them, you will have a much lower likelihood of being reported as spam and in kind a much lower likelihood of being passed off to the junk folder.

We never trusted him in the first place
Gain your contacts trust and get on their personal whitelist. Anywhere you have new contacts sign up for your mailings, drop a little note that asked to be added to their safe sender list. Include this same note in your actual campaigns as well.

We’re going to a third party tonight!
If using a third party email marketing service make sure they take the time to whitelist themselves with the major ISP’s and enforces strict CAN-SPAM policies to protect you and your email.

Those belong to me!
Ask your email marketing service to provide you with their sending IP addresses and register them as your own. Where do you do this?

Keep it simple stupid
Keep your HTML content to less than 50% of the total message. Spam filters love simple HTML and are much more likely to let simple rather than complex messages into a recipient’s inbox.

The shortcut turned into the scenic route
Make sure the outbound links in your email are set up correctly. Make sure to include the http:// on the destination URL and don’t link to domains that use IP addresses in lieu of a domain name.

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