Article: 4 Strategies to Win Email Delivery Gold


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4 Strategies to Win Email Delivery Gold

by Audrey Howes

Much like Olympic athletes, as marketers we need to constantly be on the lookout for winning e-marketing strategies. Recently one of the world’s biggest, Grum, was shut down. PC World reports worldwide spam was cut in half by the elimination of this spammer (source). While we can all rejoice at the thought of less spam in our inboxes, it should also remind us we need to remain on our toes to ensure our emails are not inadvertently classified as spam

Get an edge up on your competition by adding these inbox targeting strategies to your playbook:

1. Clear the Spam Hurdles

Spam triggers are constantly changing and simply using one of the words below does not guarantee your email will have a quick trip to the junk bin. However, it remains important to be mindful of your word usage and run a Spam check before every send to be sure your score is low.

Here are some of the main triggers to avoid in your email subject lines and body content:Spam trigger words

2. Get Off to the Right Start

Spam filters are smart. They look at your subject line and the content of your message to see how they match up. Well written subject lines offer a hook to entice the recipient to open the email, but the hook must line up with the rest of the message.

Follow these guidelines to write spam filter friendly subject lines:

Subject lines are one of the most critical aspects to avoiding the dreaded SPAM label. Follow the guidelines above and inboxes everywhere will reward you.

3. Respect Your Supporters

For starters, we need to remind you that permission based lists are the way to go for successful and spam free email marketing. Purchased lists will never yield the results of a permission based list. Once you have a permission based list, you are ready to market. Customer Care Agent, Spencer Morrison, recently reminded us of the importance of list management in his posts on the Swiftpage blog. You can read his full posts here and here.

Taken from his advice, here are a few ways to keep your list in tip top shape:

A healthy list will not only bring you results, it will also encourage spam filters to let you through. Emails with high open rates, low bounce rates, and minimal spam complaints are looked at with favor by ISPs.

4. Make Your Recipients Proud

Before a new contact signs up to receive your emails, it is crucial to set email program expectations. Email recipients will quickly flag you as SPAM if you say you are going to send something and send something else OR not send anything for months and then an email from you arrives unexpectedly in their inbox.

Delivering on expectations will win the respect of your email subscribers. Do whatever it takes to follow-through with the expectations you set.

5. Important Notes About SPAM

Before closing out this article, we thought it would be important to share a few little know facts about SPAM.

As with all marketing, our strategies need to be flexible and we need to be ready and able to shift when our quickly changing world changes, well, quickly. Implement the strategies above, remain mindful of the SPAM lessons, and you will be in line to stand atop the email marketing podium.