Article: Capture Data From a Webform


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Capture Data From a Webform

This section will tell you how to combine your website with Swiftpage emarketing services to effectively capture information from your target audience.

If you are already a Swiftpage emarketing customer you know about the survey tool and how easy it is to create a form and link to it in the body of your emails or from your website. These forms are very effective for gathering contact information, but can also be used to gather other types of critical information from your website visitors. Determine what information you need to know and use Swiftpage emarketing surveys to obtain that data at every opportunity.

For example:

- Are you interested in product X, Y, or Z?
- Have you attended this event before? Last week/month/year?
- Are you a current home owner/renter/agent ?

Once a visitor fills out the form and hits submit, their information will be automatically sent to your database ready to be loaded, and an appropriate Drip Marketing Campaign will be sent out to each individual based on their survey response.

Do you see where this gets interesting? For example, you can set up a series of Drip Marketing campaigns ahead of time for each individual product you offer. Once the surveys have been submitted, the Drip Marketing system will automatically send the appropriate campaign to each customer based on their specific survey results.

The possibilities are endless and you can create a targeted sequence for virtually every type of response. This process removes you from manually sending and updating your system and allows you to send information that is consistent and relevant to the customer every time.