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Event Reminder

Create multi-step marketing and reminder sequences for events, trainings and conferences, allowing you to organize your planning process. Eliminate redundant work by using the same marketing campaigns for numerous events. Simply copy existing campaigns and make appropriate changes for your next bit event!

Below is an example of how drip marketing can be used to coordinate an event:

10 Days before the event

Marketing purpose: First email reminder

What to include: Basic information such as the date and time of the event. Provide a link to the registration survey along with contact information.

3 Days before the event

Marketing purpose: 2nd email reminder

What to include: Same date and time info, link to the registration and contact information. Provide a link for directions and a map, too.

[Call List]
3 Days after the event

Marketing purpose: Call all attendees for feedback

What to include: Gather information that can be used to refine your event planning. Ask for permission to add people to product launch emails and monthly newsletters.

To automate means you are in complete control of your message by creating a smooth sequence of pre-event, reminders, and follow-ups. The information you gathered can be used to place leads and customers into specific sales cycles to nurture your relationship with them after the event is over.