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Fast Track to List Growth

by Lindsey Weinig

Growing a contact list is a significant and necessary goal for any business’ marketing strategy. Swiftpage emarketing ’s Surveys and Web Forms are a highly valuable tool to collect new contacts and streamline contact management.

How to Plant the Seed

Use the Swiftpage emarketing Survey tool to create a web form that can easily be embedded on your website. Don’t overwhelm potential contacts with too many questions on your form.  Start by simply asking for their email address. You can always follow up with them later to learn more. Since Swiftpage emarketing offers both List Builder and List Updater surveys and web forms, your new contacts can feed right into your List Manager for efficient follow up.

Provide Full Sunlight

NewsletterSignUp.jpgPromote list growth and cater to your potential contacts by placing your web form in multiple locations that are easily discoverable by your website traffic. The first place to put your web form is on your homepage in plain sight, promoting visitors to provide their information. Secondly, you should create a dedicated page for your web form giving details about the types of content and timing of the emails you will be sending them. It’s also a great idea to offer sign up options on your blog and social media outlets. This expedites the process of transitioning social media connections into actual leads.


While some of your website traffic will freely offer their email addresses in exchange for your correspondence, most of your potential contacts will require an incentive. This is your opportunity to offer something of value in exchange for their information such as:

Water and Water Again

Every touch point with your new contacts is an opportunity to communicate your brand, your offer and strengthen your relationship. Utilize Survey Landing Pages to continue to communicate with your survey respondent after they click ‘submit’. Include the email address for the email campaign they will be receiving and suggest they add it to their whitelist to ensure proper delivery.

While growing your Email List, it’s crucial to follow up with new contacts right away. The easiest way to do this is by utilizing our Drip Marketing Autoloader. With this powerful feature, you can plan for your survey respondents to be automatically loaded into a drip marketing campaign after submitting your survey without any intervention from you. Your Drip Marketing campaign should relate to the incentive you offered them when they completed your web form.

Remember, your relationship with these contacts is fresh. It could take some time to harvest sales from your list building efforts. Take your time communicating with these contacts and gathering their preferences. Keep in mind, “Gardening requires lots of water - most of it in the form of perspiration.”  Lou Erickson.