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Get to Know a New Contact

How do you obtain new leads for your business? Perhaps you have a place on your website for people to request more information about your products or services. Maybe you collect business cards at trade shows and industry events. However you obtain new leads, it is important to follow-through with them to close business. Swiftpage emarketing can help you do this with its Drip Marketing technology. With Drip you can send them a series of relevant emails walking them through the purchase process, addressing questions and promoting the benefits of your offering. You can also use Swiftpage emarketing reporting to tell you who has interacted most with your emails so that you can follow-up and close business with your most interested prospects.

Below is an example of how a Real Estate agent might use Drip Marketing to nurture new leads:

Day 1

Marketing purpose: Introduction Email

What to include
Build expectations in this initial email by introducing yourself and reviewing what you will address in this email series.

Day 7

Marketing purpose: Financing basics

What to include
Review the process of getting qualified for the right loan and answer common questions you recieve during this process.

Day 14

Marketing purpose: Assessing needs and finding the right property

What to include
Help them decide how to filter out the best property for their location. Provide links to 3rd party resources as well.

Day 21

Marketing purpose: Making offer and closing the sale

What to include
Give them a checklist of tips and tricks for this stage of the buying process.

Day 28

Marketing purpose: Benefits of hiring a professional Realtor

What to include
At this point you have gained some trust and can now demonstrate how hiring a professional can still save them time and money.

[Call List]
Day 31

Marketing purpose: Personal contact and sale

What to include
The prospect has now been primed for a sale in a way that you will be more comfortable talking to you on the phone. You can now work on setting up a viewing or signing them up for more information.

The best part of Drip Marketing is that you can create any type of series ahead of time that is segmented specifically for each type of prospect. Create a campaign series dedicated to first time home buyers, sellers, people who are looking in a particular neighborhood, etc. You just need to set the system up once and then gain trust by inserting new leads into a campaign suited exactly to their current needs. Let Drip Marketing handle the manual tasks.