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Product Education Series

When you receive a request for more information about a product, rather than sending the usual one-time follow-up message, why not engage the customer with a series of emails tailored to their needs? Drip Marketing allows you to create this process and let it run automatically, delivering the right material to your buyer at the appropriate time in the purchase cycle.

Below is an example of how you might use a Drip Marketing campaign to influence a sale:

Day 1

Marketing purpose: Introduction Information

What to include: Help the customer frame their research and product needs while overviewing the product basics.

Day 14

Marketing purpose: Product X Introduction Information

What to include: Outline the major benefits of your product and tell the what's in it for them. Possibly add a limited time offer, sale or incentive.

Day 30

Marketing purpose: Product X Features

What to include: Review features and pricing. Build value by comparing your product to competitors.

[Call List]
Day 45

Marketing purpose: Product X Highlights

What to include: Share relevant third party information. Stress the benefits they get from buying your product or doing business with you.

Day 60

Marketing purpose: Product X Additional Information

What to include: Request action and introduce testimonials or other items to increase trust and creditability. Remind them of the deadline of the offer, sale or incentive.

The goal is to create specific paths for each potential customer based on their needs and role within the decision making process. This can be done using inexpensive and automated forms of communications such as email. This allows you to drive the consumer to the relevant content where they eventually can qualify as a lead.