Article: The Unspoken Holiday Plan


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The Unspoken Holiday Plan

by Dan Ogdon

Wow! November is nearly half way over, there are 50 actual days left in the year and significantly less business days after you factor in the Holiday season. Crept up on us fast, huh? It is likely your Holiday promotions are in full-swing or are ready to be kicked-off, and your team is laser focused to meet end-of-year objectives.

This is a fun and incredibly busy time of year for many of us. Often times it iseasy to forget those that have helped our company achieve success and helped us through tough times. At this point you have taken the time to put campaigns together to acquire new customers, build new relationships, complete outstanding projects and more. And now is the time to recognize the relationships that have gotten you this far.

It can be as simple as an email message. A personalized "thank you" or"we're thinking about you" will set a positive tone and lay the foundation for a successful, and most importantly, profitable relationship moving forward - think about how these assets affect your business:

Business Partners
Solution Providers
Current Customers

Make it personal - Mention something specific about why you are grateful for the relationship you have and that you look forward to working closely together in the future.

Make it memorable - Whether it be a gift (mmm.chocolate!) if budget allows, an inside joke, or thoughtful quote or image,make sure it stands out.

Make it actionable - not only reinforce your strong relationship, but further it. Set a time to talk after the first of the year or suggest new business development. Give yourself a reason to talk again.

This may be the e marketing plan that you've thought about already, or maybe not, but it can set the foundation for a great year with great returns.