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Top 5 Ways To Spice Up How You Swiftpage emarketing

by David Leach

Just like any other product out there, there are a few little tricks you wish you knew how to utilize for a service you already pay for. With Swiftpage emarketing there are several gems that often get overlooked, here are a few to get you started:

1) Fatten Up Your Email Lists through your Website

By using a short survey on your website, you will proactively and almost hands-free, constantly grow your email list. The data submitted is sent right to you and most importantly will be a legitimate and opted-in contact. Be sure though to have a very enticing reward, like a newsletter or gift, for filling out the survey. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to build a highly interested email base with this simple survey placement.

2) Send Shakespeare From Ryan Seacrest

Use the writing and artistic prowess of your marketing squad to create a top notch email that appears as if it were coming from someone else. That someone else could be your CEO, CFO, or any one of your top sales people. You decide who will have the strongest impact. By doing a Send As, you combine your creative best with the reputation of a front man.

3) Send it Today for Next Week

If you know that a specific email needs to go out in two weeks, to a specific group of people, do a Scheduled Send. Do everything today that you would be doing two weeks from now: pick the date, the time, and hit the submit button and you are queued up to go, with no further steps required. * (Our drip marketing machine will be released sometime after the first of the year and is not quite the same as a Scheduled Send. Hang tight for further emails on our drip marketing release.)

4) Face Lifts & Pre-Determined Paths for Surveys

Make your surveys look like an attractive, enticing, and appealing page in and of itself as opposed to a bland questionnaire. The Background Page in the Survey Design allows you to do this and essentially make a Swiftpage emarketing Template the background of your surveys. The next step is simply designating a Landing Page, i.e. any webpage, as the place your survey takers are automatically directed to, once they hit submit. Our most successful surveys have been those filled out with the promise of being taken to a valuable landing page upon submitting their information. When you dangle a carrot people will miraculously go so far as filling out the whole survey. Give it a shot.

5) A Worthy Call List

After sending a strong and centralized email, why not follow up with a strong and efficient call back? The online Call List Dashboard allows you to select from your campaigns, combining click through reports, a highly targeted call list of the most interested contacts. Why waste your time calling someone who didn’t even read your email, when you can create and reach a whole list of people who clicked on every link and opened your email five times? The guy with the multiple opens deserves a call back with some prepared zip behind it.

These five tidbits of how to Swiftpage emarketing will allow you to go above and beyond with your account and ultimately give you the most for your money. Yes, everyone knows how to send an email, but how many people truly utilize tools that builds their email list, utilizes the different talents throughout your organization, schedules delivery, entices and harvests with their surveys, and spend valuable time where it needs to be spent, with the hot leads and high interest levels. Any one of these five differentiators will noticeably boost your email skill sets and jump kick results to the next level.