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User Group Invitation

Create multi-step marketing and reminder sequences for events, trainings and conferences, allowing you to automate your planning process. Elminate redundant work by using the same marketing campaigns for numerous events. Simply copy existing campaigns and make appropriate changes for your next big event!

Below is an example of how Drip Marketing can be used to coordinate a regional event. Let's assume your company, XYZ Corp, is holding a formal dinner on July 15th:

May 1st

Marketing purpose: General Invitation to All Contacts

What to include: Basic email of date and time of the event. Provide a link to the registration survey and contact information.

[Call List]
May 14

Marketing purpose: Invite to VIP Reception

What to include: For those that did not register after the first email but showed an interest in attending, export a Call List of those leads to call.

[Direct Mail]
May 15

Marketing purpose: Direct Mail Invitation

What to include: Two months in advance, your third party postcard vendor sends a save-the-date postcard to your entire database. Provide a website URL in this piece!

May 15

Marketing purpose: Fax Invitation

What to include: For your client that prefer to receive faxes, your third party vendor will receive an email of that list.

June 1

Marketing purpose: Second Invitation Email

What to include: Provide a link to the registration survey and provide contact information. This time, include a special promotion.

June 16

Marketing purpose: Move Registered to Reminder Sequence

What to include: Use the Drip Marketing Transfer staee to transfer all of the contacts who have already RSVP'd out of the original campaign sequence and into a new campaign sequence.

June 16

Marketing purpose: Capacity Check

What to include: One month before the event, use the Drip Marketing Review stage to send yourself an alert to sync your contact data. Now the information for who has RSVP'd and who hasn't is available.

June 23

Marketing purpose: Last Chance to Sign Up

What to include: Send an email to all of the contacts from the original campaign sequence which will now represents all contacts that have not RSVP'd.

June 23

Marketing purpose: Move New Registered to Reminder Sequence

What to include: As the event draws closer, repeat the Review, Transfer and Email stages just mentioned to make sure all people who have RSVP'd get the email about the dinner.

July 15

Marketing purpose: List of Registrants to Event Center

What to include: On the afternoon of the event, use the Drip Marketing Export stage to create a file that represents all of your contacts who have RSVP'd. Print out the list that was exported to you , and use it as the check-in list for that evening's dinner.

July 15th - Event Day

July 17

Marketing purpose: Call All Attendees for Feedback

What to include: Receive feedback for next year's event, and start them on a new Drip Marketing sequence for products you launch.

The Platinum Drip Marketing package allows for this level of automation and enables you to create sophisticated and flexible marketing campaigns from start to finish-and to plan it all well before the campaign itself is launched.