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Weekly or Monthly Newsletter

You have decided to send a weekly or monthly email blast to your contacts. Now what? Here are some suggestions of things you can include in your newsletter:

What can you include in your newsletter?

Events/deadlines/important dates
Keep your customers informed and prepared for the coming months by including a calendar of what to look forward to.

Top ten lists
Provide links to useful resources that are relevant to your readers.

Create a checklist
An easy way to help your clients with a problem and gain business credibility.

Conduct an interview
Keep it on topic and these conversations can be informative and easy to produce.

Tips of the week
Employee suggestions, description and link to a industry blog post, invite to upcoming webinar.

Demonstrate a new feature on your product, basic tutorials, etc.

Release reports
Provide industry updates, community/corporate news, release a white paper.

Get feedback
Use your emails as a way to get customer feedback, provide support and allow your readers to sign up for events by linking to a Swiftpage emarketing survey .

In addition to knowing what to include in your newsletter, it is important to be aware of some of the "do's and don'ts" of email marketing. Following these guidelines will help you see the greatest results from your email marketing efforts and get the most of our of your Swiftpage emarketing subscription.

Email Marketing Best Practices

Segment by demographics, location and areas of interest for relevance. This will increase your chance of being delivered and opened.

Include Mail Merge fields to tailor your message to each contact such as first name and title. To increase your open rates, think about sending your emails from a personal company email address or sales team member's address. Try not to use generic ones like sales@ or info@.

Write good subject lines
Encourage users to open the newsletter and distinguish your message from spam by creating relevant and catchy subject lines . Avoid using certain words and think about including content from the issue in each subject line.

Get to the point
Keep it brief (see: 3 second rule ). The majority of readers tend to skim when reading email newsletters.

Relevant content: 80-20 rule
Content is essential in every marketing program. If you deliver content that matches the needs of your target audience , you will see results. The general rule of thumb is 80% content 20% sales.

Create a clear call to action
What goals are you looking to achieve with this email marketing campaign? Lay out exactly what actions you want your email recipients to do and make that path concise and easy to follow.

Spam check
Before sending out your company emails, send them through a spam checker tool to see what popular spam filters view as infractions.

Your marketing activities should be consistent throughout the year. When you are busy, these communications tend to get pushed to the side. Why not create a consistent message for your monthly emails by creating them all at once? You can automate their delivery to your list at certain dates and times using Swiftpage emarketing 's free Drip Marketing tool.

Track how your emails performed by using Swiftpage emarketing 's Open-Click Reports . These reports allow you to see who has opened up your email, when they looked at it, how many times the email was read byindividuals, and so much more.