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Top 10 Items to Include in Your Email Template

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Bragging Rights and a Blast from the Past

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What is your favorite object that is within 10 feet of you?

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Hello All!

August is almost here, which means Swiftpage emarketing ’s 10th Anniversary is right around the corner! To celebrate this momentous occasion this month’s Thoughtspot is full of helpful Top 10 lists. We’ve also won some pretty exciting awards recently that we don’t mind bragging about. And if you think your younger years were awkward, check out ours for some entertainment.

In addition, since summer has been heating up to unbearable temperatures, now would be a great time to pull your customers out of air conditioned hibernation with an event! Check out our Top 10 Tips for Hosting a Successful Event to learn more.

Make a splash with your next event!

Lindsey Weinig
Director of Marketing

Top 10 Tips for Hosting a Successful Event

1. Plan Ahead
Let your contacts know in advance. Send out ‘Save the Date’ emails to make sure they are aware of what’s to come and mark it on their calendars.

2. Collaborate
Consider offerings that compliment your products or services and reach out to companies to see if they would like to sponsor a booth or be a speaker. This will help grow your reach and increase your attendance.

3. Create Buzz
Make your event exciting! Entice your contacts to attend with surprise guest speakers or prizes and gift baskets. Don’t forget to send out a press release...

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A Lesson in Support

A Lesson in Product Management

Navigating the Marketing Doldrums


Top 3 Support FAQs

1Why do I get bounced emails to my inbox that aren't showing on the Bounce report online?

1What are Header Images?

1What’s included in the free trial?

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Top 10 Items to Include in Your Email Template

11. Professional Header
2. Call to action (Download, Buy Now, Click Here)
3. Navigation that mimics your website
4. Contact information
5. Promotion or offer
6. Valuable downloads (PDFs, brochures)
7. Highlights or features
8. Social media buttons
9. Relevant and concise content
10. Balance of text and images

If you find yourself stuck, reach out to Bright Peak.
Bright Peak is ready and waiting with a variety of
email template options. We work with professional
HTML email designers who want to help get your
email marketing on track. Contact Bright Peak today!

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Swiftpage emarketing News

Bragging Rights

Technology Entrepreneur of the Year
We are very proud of our CEO, Bob Ogdon, for being recognized by the Colorado Technology Association at the 2011 Apex Awards. "I'm honored to be named a winner for the Technology Entrepreneur of the Year award," said Bob. "I see this award as a company-wide award. It is a reflection of the great team that we have and our dedication to innovation."

Endorsed Partner for Sage ACT!
Sage Endorsed Partners are Sage Premier partners who offer solutions that have been handpicked by Sage to meet strategic, technological, and integration criteria for Sage solutions. We are continuously working to improve Sage E-marketing for ACT! powered by Swiftpage emarketing and appreciate this commendation.

Blast from the Past

We had some fun reminiscing and looking back on branding, in particular our website. Check out how far we’ve come!


At the Summit

What is your favorite object that is within 10 feet of you?

"A painting on my wall that I did myself." - Kassi J

"My whiteboard as it is waiting for the next big idea to manifest itself."
- Dan O

"Surfboard." - Chris G

"My vanilla latte this morning... yum."
- Lindsey W

"My Xbox 360." - Michael B

"Pictures of my kid." - Amber F

"My dog." - Bob O

"Digital photo frame, hands down."
- Missy B

"Cheez-its." - Adam P

"The hole I cut in my cube to get a window view." - Mark B


Get Delivered - 10 Ways To Avoid Spam Filtering

You won’t see the ROI you are looking for if your email never makes it to your recipients' inbox. Ten tips to increase your email marketing deliverability.

Do we have any Spam in the cupboard?
Send a test of your email campaign through a spam check tool. These tools look at your email like a spam filter would and will tell you what may be red flags. Reduce these red flags and your deliverability will increase. Try Swiftpage emarketing 's Spam Check

By the end of the evening, I had no idea what we just talked about
If your subject line has nothing to do with the content in the body of your email, you have a higher likelihood of being junked. Make sure your content is consistent throughout.

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