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Happy Halloween -

Don’t let event marketing spook you! Whether for the holidays, an upcoming sale, or just because, email marketing is a proven means of marketing a successful event. Use Event Marketing with Swiftpage emarketing to promote your event, manage attendance, and get feedback after the event. Encourage your invitees to spread the word further and increase your attendance with Swiftpage emarketing Connect Social Sharing!

No time to build your campaign yourself? Check out Bright Peak’s new Event Marketing Marketing packages and let them do the design work for you.

The recent snow here in Denver has been a great reminder to get holiday marketing underway. View our new informative How-To Videos and get on the fast track today!

Lindsey Weinig
Director of Marketing

Event Marketing with Swiftpage emarketing

Whether you are hosting an onsite event, presenting an online webinar or throwing an all company shindig, Swiftpage emarketing can easily be used to effectively promote your event, turning invitees into attendees. Put your business ahead of the competition by using Swiftpage emarketing to create a complete promotional plan for your event. Login to your Swiftpage emarketing account and set up your event marketing now by following these steps!

Start with a Survey

Using the Swiftpage emarketing survey tool you are able to create a custom form to collect responses for your event. You choose... Continue reading the article >





Announcing Swiftpage emarketing Social Sharing

FAQ Friday: What are the proper dimensions for an email template?

Is Your Message Marking You as a Spammer?


Top 3 Support FAQs

1Can I change my footer information or remove the footer entirely?

1Is Swiftpage emarketing for Excel a retired plug-in?

1Can I copy my Microsoft Word document and paste it into a Swiftpage emarketing template?

Learn more at our E-marketing Education Center >

Bright Peak Event PackagesBright Peak Logo

Have an event coming up?

Branded Event Marketing Packages are customized packages that allow you to coordinate and manage any event with ease. Packages are customized by taking the branding on your website and adapting it to create branded email templates including fonts, colors, links, and imagery. Using branding from your website allows you to have consistent branding for your company while recipients will have a cohesive experience as they learn, register, and attend your events.

Use Branded Event Marketing Packages for your business functions including webinars, holiday events, tradeshows and more! Perfect for sending invitations, registration forms and follow-up thank you notes for your next event.

Starting at $250.00 | Learn more and order today!

Live Demos

Swiftpage emarketing News

Swiftpage emarketing Connect Social Sharing

Broadcast your email further by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn through Swiftpage emarketing Social Sharing. Add the Social Sharing footer icons to all of your emails and watch your message spread!

These new features are currently only available to Swiftpage emarketing Connect users, but we’re working to provide them to our integrations very soon. Have you tried them yet? Let us know what you think on our Facebook page!

How-To Do It ALL

Using Swiftpage emarketing is easier than ever before! Simply watch these short and informative How-To Videos to learn how to do more with Swiftpage emarketing Connect. Can’t find what you want to learn? Leave a comment and tell us what to show you next!

How-To Videos

Swiftpage emarketing Event Marketing

We’ve always offered you these powerful features, but now we’ve outlined exactly how you can harness them to promote and manage your event successfully. Check out Event Marketing with Swiftpage emarketing >


At the Summit

Pumpkins, ghosts and goblins, oh my! At Swiftpage emarketing we thought we’d have a little fun this Halloween and decorate our cubicles. Take a look at some of our handy work!

And now for…A Swiftpage emarketing Halloween Poem highlighting our staff’s favorite Halloween treats. Enjoy!

Please don’t SNICKERS at our staff, we think Halloween is for treats not TWIX and CANDY APPLES on sturdy sticks. Be careful with those BUTTERFINGERS, dropping THOSE LITTLE ORANGE PUMPKINS can lead to terrors. While trick or treating be sure to look for the houses who hand out CASH. Hide it well so it doesn’t get took. If someone tries to take your candy, shout “NACHO CHEESE!” then run away as fast as you can, pelting DOTS as you please. For the house that gives CADBURY EGGS, you’ve gotta know those are old. Avoid them since they might have mold. If you’re faster than the REESES car, your trick or treating might take you far. When you are tired TAKE FIVE and eat some CANDY CORN to stay alive. As the night winds down and you plot your feast, we suggest you avoid the BLACK LICORICE. Opt instead for some CARMEL CORN, trust us you’ll be happier come morn. Now raise your BUTTERSCOTCH in celebration. We wish you Happy Halloween with much jubilation!

Last Month’s Thoughtspot Winner

Last month we asked you to take the quick survey about your Social Media usage to be entered to win a FREE Branded Template from Bright Peak, a $50.00 value! We’re pleased to congratulate Gaelan de Wolf! Our Bright Peak Manager will be in touch with you to get your template started!


Get Delivered - Treats to Keep Your Email from Looking
Like a Trick

Spam filters are tricky little things. Avoid some of these tricky spam flags to ensure your email makes it to its destination.

1. ALL CAPS – Capital letters can be used sparingly, but when they are overused it reads as though you are yelling at your recipient and the spam filter.

2. Excessive Use of Punctuation and Symbols – Overdoing it with punctuation marks such as exclamation points (!) and question marks (?) or symbols ($, %, #) says, “Hello Spam Filter, look at me!”

3. Spammy Words – Words such as credit, free, sex, weight loss, and even mortgage rates are all flags for spam. Get creative with your thesaurus to find suitable replacements.

4. Red Letters – A red letter day may be a good thing, but red letters in your email aren’t. They are hard to read and wave a big red flag at the spam filters.

5. Dear John – The overuse of the Dear salutation in mass emails has caused it to become one of the flags spam filters look for. Try out imaginative new greetings to avoid this flag.

Apply these treats to your next email blast to improve your deliverability. For more deliverability tips visit our Deliverability Center.

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