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Deliverability Overview

Spam has created the need to implement spam filtering devices. Every email you send will encounter 1 or more “spam filters” before it reaches your recipient. Spam filters can mistake legitimate email for spam or junk email. It is estimated that more than 20 percent of legitimate email marketing messages are incorrectly identified as spam by spam filters. The challenge we face is having your legitimate email messages reach the inbox of its intended recipient without being filtered or “junked” before then. This is the issue of deliverability.

Swiftpage emarketing is firmly rooted in the ability to deliver email. Therefore, we are constantly looking for new methods to apply regarding how we send email to maintain the best delivery rates. Here at Swiftpage emarketing we are constantly developing Relationships major ISP’s (Microsoft, Yahoo!, Gmail, AOL, etc.), as well as implementing technical procedures to avoid email filtering, along with educating our customers about email content to help them reach the inbox.

ISP Relationships

One major (behind the scenes) benefit you get using Swiftpage emarketing are our relationships with major ISP’s. Swiftpage emarketing is proactive about developing and maintaining relationships with Internet Service Providers. For example we work hard to ensure deliverability to AOL customers by maintaining their Whitelist standards, and we actively participate in Microsoft’s feedback loops to get information about current Spam conditions. These relationships not only increase the deliverability of our customers, but allow them to maintain these relationships without doing anything.

Internal Spam Police

Swiftpage emarketing takes a proactive approach on spam. Abuse/spam complaints are taken extremely seriously at Swiftpage emarketing . We have full time staff dedicated to researching abuse complaints and maintaining Swiftpage emarketing ’s “no-spam” standards.

Cutting Edge Deliverability Solution: SPF

Swiftpage emarketing employs SPF for any user that requests it. We recommend SPF to all of our users. Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is a technical method designed to decrease spam and increase legitimate email deliverability. For Swiftpage emarketing customers, SPF means that we can safely send email on their behalf. Although not all email services currently check for SPF, it is becoming more widely adopted every day.

Conceptually SPF can be easy to grasp, however a more technical understanding is required to fully appreciate and implement SPF. You can learn more about SPF at

If you are a Swiftpage emarketing customer and are interested in using SPF to increase your email deliverability, then fill out this short survey and Swiftpage emarketing will send you a SPF record and simple instructions on how to implement it. Please note: We can only create SPF records for email address domains that you own.  We cannot create SPF records for email addresses like, or  For more information contact us at 877-228-8377 or at

Avoid Spam Filters

The last step in Deliverability must be done at the user level. A key component to ensuring your email campaigns make it to the inbox and do not get stopped by a spam filter along the way, is to follow some basic guidelines about your email content. Please see our 10 Ways to Avoid Spam Filtering article.

For information about SPF try:

For information about Sender ID: Microsoft’s Sender ID site