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Deliverability FAQs

Why am I not receiving test emails to myself? OR Why is my test email to myself taking so long to get to me?

The reason you are probably not receiving your email to yourself or not receiving it in a timely manner is that you are sending an email to yourself from outside of your domain pretending to be yourself.  This might be why it is not allowing your email to come through or putting a delay on it.  You can test this by changing your email address for your account to something different than your company email address and then send it to your company email address.  Or you can send to a different email address like a gmail or a hotmail account to test your campaign.

How can Swiftpage emarketing be beneficial to me?

Use Swiftpage emarketing 's powerful servers instead of your ISP to eliminate the hassle and worry of send limit restrictions. We also make sure to white-list ourselves with major ISP's to ensure deliverability of your email campaign. Swiftpage emarketing provides various reports to analyze your clientele along with excellent marketing and sales closing tools. Press send and get on with the rest of your day.

Why aren’t people opening my emails?

The average open rate within the Email industry is 20%-30%. Most people aren’t aware of this until they begin using a service such as Swiftpage emarketing . If you are not getting this type of result then you can view more information on how to prevent your email from being caught in Spam filters and Firewalls within the deliverability FAQ’s.

How do I prevent my email from getting caught in Spam Filters?

Spam filters are dynamic and will change without your knowing, also, they are largely triggered based on content, so something in your email specifically could be trigger them.

There are a few basic things you can be sure to follow such as: using simple linking, simple messaging, and making sure the subject line reflects the actual email content. For the purposes of you being able to receive Swiftpage emarketing emails, you need to add us to your safe sender list. To do this, you should contact your IT person. You can also go into Outlook –go to Actions-Junk Email-Junk Email Options-Safe Senders tab-and here you can add us to your safe sender list!

You can create an SPF Record – to get more information about what this is and how to create one see FAQ “How do I improve my deliverability”

How do I improve my deliverability?

The problem is that you are sending from your ‘from’ address but our IP since those don’t match up, many spam filters will think it is spam and either delay the delivery, put it in junk, or not deliver at all. This is especially true if you are sending to public domain’s such as yahoo or hotmail or gmail. There are a few things you can do to prevent this.

You can create an SPF record. An SPF record is a Sender Policy Framework Record. This will help with the issue of email authentication. When you send through your third party ESP, to your recipient it looks like it is being delivered from you – which is great. However, the receiving ISP (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, Comcast, Cox, etc…) can see that the email is being sent from you but is actually being delivered by Swiftpage emarketing . This discrepancy can cause your emails to be junked. To combat this – create an SPF record. Next time your email is sent, IF that spam filter does an SPF check, it will tell the ISP that it is ok for Swiftpage emarketing to be sending on your behalf – this clears you for this portion of hitting the inbox - A simple step that can have a large impact.

Use simple linking, simple messaging, and making sure the subject line reflects the actual email content.

Have the from email address be something personal such as versus something like This personalization will help contribute to your open rate as well as your deliverability.

Have the recipient add you to their safe sender list.