Qualify Your Contacts

Don’t waste time cold calling, with Swiftpage emarketing Call List and Email Tracking you can view your most interested contacts and their interactions with your email.


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Call List

The Swiftpage emarketing Call List gives you insight into who your most interested contacts are. While your recipients open and click on your templates, Swiftpage emarketing assigns a score to each recipient based on their interaction with your email messages – giving you a ranked, qualified list of who you should call first.
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Email Tracking

Use Swiftpage emarketing ’s reporting features to view graphical and detailed data regarding your email send and your contact’s specific interactions with it including opened, clicked, bounced, suppressed and more. Then use this information to drive your sales team and improve your future marketing efforts.
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Support and E-marketing Education Center

You can be sure to get the best results with Swiftpage emarketing Support and Education Center’s wide range of useful resources that not only help teach you how to create and send your email, but how to succeed with email marketing.
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